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I'm Andres Stephens, a technical director of a self-sustainable freelance studio.

I have worked as a Technical Director and 3D Generalist based principally in Bogota, Colombia in the industry for the past 10 years producing linear content like short films, product showcases, motion graphics, infographics, children's television series and pilots, game assets and more for various clients locally and around the world.


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I develop for the creative community.

These projects require planning and execution.

As you know, this takes time.

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I depend on providing services to pay for fixed costs.

Covering costs makes time for development.

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Ironically, this process removes valuable time from target development.

But, with your help, we can create time for the projects we love best.
I measure my labour carefully through time tracking and a point based Kanban system, open publicly.

When I assign points to project tasks, I can work and delegate time efficiently.

You can follow progress directly on my custom Gsheet Kanban, discuss labour on Discord, and subscribe to my bi-weekly newsletter to be up to speed.

But we can do more...

When you donate or become a monthly patron, every dollar counts towards one of these projects.

We can cover studio costs. When we do, I can re-assign dedicated hours to elaborate projects, delegate tasks, and produce more for you and the creative community.


These are the projects I'm working on. Each project includes a description, in-depth information, progress, current status, and more.

Do you like any of these projects? 

You can support any of these projects in progress or to do with a patronage or direct donation.


This website is still under construction, but feel free to click on the arrow below to contact me for more information.

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I maintains a small private animation studio in the metropolitan city of Bogota, Colombia - available to work locally or through remote work.

Leave a message and get in touch! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
+57 313 811 6821
Skype: ondraise (NZ)
Bogota, Colombia,
South America

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