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A Live Q&A event about art, interviews, news, and questions and answers for the Bforartists art community.

Join this Thursda 2nd of March at 1900 UTC either on Youtube, Twitch or in the official Bforartists Discord server or listen back on Spotify.

Connect live to ask questions for answers.


This new event has a special guest with a slew of questions about the Android Repair Service painterly effect - so this session we will be answering questions on how it was done.

 Winner announcement event showcasing the artwork live and giving away prizes - and also what's new with a Q&A and tour of the latest features from Bforartists4.1.0.

  • Open Art Review and Critique
  • HowTo: Character Animation from Reference
  • An read out interview with Simon Lee
  • Painterly with Geomtry Nodes
  • New Event Branding news
  • An interview of the interviewer with Steven Scott
  • Navigating Freelance Gigs
  • Bforartists 3.6.2 News
  • Leasons learned doing dailies, an interview with Prashan Subasinghe
  • How to draw from art inspiration
  • Beginning with Character Design
  • From Motion to Characters: an interview with Pojo
  • Tips on how to rig characters for NPR

  • Scifi Renders: an interview with White Rooster Productions
  • Art Review: a Short Film by White Rooster Productions with questions, answers and critique

  • What's new in Blender and Bforartists 3.6.0
  • Art Review from the Finished Art from the Community
  • Splashscreen Winners Announcement!
  • Prize handouts
  • Art Critique on the submissions

  • Interview with Special Guest Paolo Brabo:
  • Bforartists: Competitions Close Announcement
  • Discussion: Non Photo Real Rendering techniques

- Prize Announcement: Tradigalist Toolbag, an interview with Alan Wyatt

-Bforartists: Competitions Updates

-Discussion: NPR and the Spiderverse

-Announcement: Android Repair Shop Episode 06 - Official Release

-Bforartists: Competitions Updates and Plans

-Blockout Tips, take 2

  • Announcement: Splashscreen Competition
  • Competition Terms, Dates and Prizes
  • Walkthrough: Blockout Techniques in Bforartists
  • Special Guest: Blenderboi, an interview
  • Topic: creating quailty addons for Blender
  • Announcement: Bforartists 3.5.1 Official Release

  • Special Guest: Yusuf Patel, Portfolio Review and Interview
  • Topic: starting in design and getting into arquitecture
  • Storytelling with compositing, lighting and environments - how?

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How to join

You have two options: you can register to Discord, join the Bforartists discord server to connect or talk in the live chat during the event, or you can watch live on Youtube or Twitch.

You can also watch previous events on the Youtube Playlist, as each session is stored there after the event.

If you'd like to ask questions and potentially join the voice chat live as a special guest, feel free to contact me or support the event on Ko-fi or Patreon.

Instructions for Discord

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Where to connect

Watch a weekly Q&A&Critique to see updates, meet other artists, ask questions and learn something new for the week.

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How to support the event

This event takes some preparation, research, and some confidence to reach out to special guests. I put in time to prepare the topics and to present them to you so that you can learn more about the digital art community - and this means less work elsewhere. This is an effort.

You can support the event with a small one time or re-occuring donation. With your support, I can continue to grow the community, create content for you and help sponsor development for Bforartists. Every token is a huge motivator.

Alternatively you can support with action by sharing topics you'd like me to discuss, asking questions to address, suggesting special guests, or applying as a special guest for the show. Feel free to reach out in the contact form down below.

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