Check out some of the Short Films, Music Videos, Commercials, Motion Graphics, Infographics, Pilot Episodes, and Web Series I've produced

Android Repair Shop

A series of music video and glitch art loops based on a painterly 3D environment for Deejay Unknown. The work involved: story writing, screenplay, concept art, modeling, technical direction, lookdev, animation and rigging.

This project also includes transmedia storytelling and social media publicity.

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Creative Development

I have also worked roles as a Technical Director with Game Assets Packs, Rigging, Modeling, Texturing, Look Development, Character Design and other roles in creative media pipeline.

Village Asset Pack

A 164 piece village game asset pack with nature assets made for Unreal Engine 4.

Materials also included age, humidity, moss, grunge and vertex painting masks for moss and snow.

Pack also contained the following: Rocks/cliffs, shrubs, trees and grass, garden vegetables, kitchen decor, smithery decoration.


An NPR Environment Asset Packs for Unreal Engine 4. This pack included trees, grass, flowers, rocks, landscape textures, boulders, pillars, cliffs, dirt, roots, patch and more for a boreal and grassland environment.

Performance was key for this pack, running at 60fps on a GTX1060.

This also included environment building tools including blueprints for layout, edges and landscape materials with auto-scattering rules.


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