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September 4, 2023
New weekly Friday event page with extra details! Updated weekly!

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I have created a new page about the Q&A&Critique event I host every Friday. This event is special to me, since we are not on episode 89, that's a lot! This is the second season, part of the Let's Bforartists community. It's growing and happening. These events usually cover topics from work, to hobbies, techniques, work/life balance and other tips and tricks. I usually also give quick weekly updates of what's going on in the Discord server taking a look at recent art from the community. It's really nice. Hope you can tune in!

If you'd like to know more, here is a quick video of last weeks session.

Q&A&Critique 88 - Recap
We had a really nice chat about working in developing nations, the challenges, the pro's and con's of working nationally, internationally, freelancing or in studio. We also talked of where to begin - it was a chapter that felt close to home and my own experience learning how to get into the industry. Worth the watch!

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