Website - Homepage Update

September 4, 2022
This update includes a new navbar, new homepage section, and new hinted structure for the website

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Worked a bit today and yesterday on my site. This time making the home page a lot more like... in your face and explicit. It's now published! it also now hints on future content coming soon, something I'll be working on the side of client work.

What's new:

  • New grid to all sections of the website
  • New navbar drop down sections with new hinted content (currently WIP)
  • Tuning to fonts and format throughout the side (a lot more snug)

So this is like a dashboard. The idea is getting aquick overview of everything I'm doing and offer. I also made other areas a lot more explicit, fixed up some content here and there.

Now the next step is making the ship system, categories and filters for the content. Then upload and create a tonne of content. I will have to think about how and what that content should be and how to do it all. We'll see how to work it through.....

I am also planning to create a large curated list of addons and hopefully key affiliates of addons that I deem worthy of every day use in my pipeline. I'll work on that.. maybe in the next month or so. I have a lot of other client work to work through. I have been somewhat stressed lately, I came down with an infection and this past week I was in bed recovering. I am not much better and the treatment was a success - so will get back to work, but it is a warning sign that I have to work on my causes of stress. My next step now is to find a way to make sure my stress level and work level and cashflow and ambitions for the community and my dreams all balance together nicely. I am not sure how, as there is also the personal factor that may or may not help aliviate or add to that stress. I just need to get my capital income much better - and being in a developing nation is only allowing the mthod to go up and beyond, but it is still easy to feel the influence of defeat and struggle. I will have to push through that somehow, and make this work.

I really can't wait to get my first products, some free, online to the stores. Can't wait to make the stores something that has fresh new content. Can't wait to make the first packs of everything I would like to make for both Blender/Bforartists and Unreal Engine. I really also can't wait to see where I can take this website and the content that will surface here to the other markets. I really need to get out there.. and make something of my brand, my work, and know-how.

Maybe..... even try get more into videos. We will see.

Thanks for reading!

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