Website - About page updated

September 6, 2022
I have updated my CV and worked my about page.

Weekly Sprint Stats:

Hours Done

Points Done

Points Needed

Sprint poinTs

Expected Efficiency


Sprint Efficiency


Points Velocity per day




Look at that! A new About page update, with downloadable CV/Resume and a bit more information on my experience and all that I have done.

I even added a couple more software skills to the roster. Now it's incredibly much more informative. Maybe later I will format it a bit more and make it more interesting. So yeah, othe than working on the commit logs of Bforartists and working on this website - I got a lot of work done here. I hope this gets me better opportunities later in life.... We'll see. I relaly just need a buck to pay the rent this month. My clients have been awkwardly slow to pay up. I have 3 owing me! But the bills can't wait anymore and now I'm stressed.

Thanks for reading!

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