Update - Week 47 - 2021

December 6, 2021
A quick update of this week! Week 47 of 2021. I'll be publishing these every week.

Weekly Sprint Stats:


Hours Done


Points Done

Points Needed


Sprint poinTs



Expected Efficiency



Sprint Efficiency



Points Velocity per day







This week was a continuation of trying to push client forward, while keeping revisions afloat. But this also was a very creative week which had my most viral tweet to date! I cannot believe the interest people have for realtime painterly effects, I think it's wonderful. People have even requested access to the toolset, even before it's finished. It had me feel inspired. I even started going back to finger smudges on my phone to get ideas out. Infinite Painter is very nice. But all in all, it was still a technically challenging week. I spent two days working on a single task... it was harder than expected. I still have an important client to close, but has had to wait a tonne. Another client also asked to hide a chunk of a website I maintain, which is nice because it's less work to translate.

Other concepts were.... working in a more relaxed pace. As you can see my daily doses are slowing down, though the end of the year is creeping up long and hard.

I am looking forward to it, a few months back I booked a 10 day holiday free from the computer. I haven't had a week long holiday in nearly 2 years now. It is about time - and this may also give me time to audit the last two years accounts and sprints to evaluate better strategies for next year and the one after. I can't wait to audit myself - I'm a bit of a nerd there. I have every single task I do tracked to the quarter hour for every working day the past two years - I have a lot of data to mine. So... the end of year is creeping up and it's exciting me. But at the same time, I still should keep a neck break pace to finish my goals for the clients.

Patreon Exclusive - Week 47 - 2021

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