Update - Week 05 - 2022

March 18, 2022
This week had a lower rhythm. But I have a new project in scope and a mind to work things - though I was distracted by my own personal work.

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This week had a lower rhythm. But I have a new project in scope and a mind to work things - though I was distracted by my own desire to do my own thing this week. This week has a lot of focus on the painterly project, a character design, colour render tests and lineart - and more layout planning and mapping. I also work a Blender Royale and work the QnA. Other projects still are on standby.


This week had a realistic close to reality when it comes to needed points. I also nearly populated the sprint to be up to what I needed - but at the end of the day I only managed about half of the need working a typical 40 hour week. So efficiency hovered around half way. This still shows I am over capacity and maybe don't have the full mind to push the projects forward with laser focus. On the upbeat, I am still quoting casually - but with the strategy that I would like to burn bridges with high prices. Either it's a great deal for me, or no deal now. Demand for what I do is too high.

The Painterly Project

I had a good time this week working and kitbashing a robot character. It was easier to build him from pieces than drawing him up immediately. The process involved some grease pencil to plan ideas, and I took my old DJ decks that I had digitized as models. I then worked the remeshing technique to get the soft forms to make the geometry feel more organic and then built the robot. First iterations were nearly a homerun! To help with the language design, I used a flat shading view of the 3D modeling to work the blockout - then focused on the colours and details. His colour scheme I'm still not sure how to work - but we will see how he turns out. I can already feel the love in the rig for this guy - and the fun animation. He's a true party bot.

M44-7 Design features

Other aspects of the project was me trying to render out higher quality frames - working the shape language, colour and contrast. I noticed that my abstract cyberpunk designs were a little hard to read - so I had to work the ideas a little better to be much more explicit. But the colour contrast and luminance contrast is possible and necessary in the project - and after a vote the green and red contrast is highly necessary. I am happy to see my brush cloud technique handy to paint and blur detail per what I need - so I will try make a bit more brush like controls that are easily linked and overridable in the project - and also quick to setup to the camera. I am finding that the point cloud system that needs the camera is a little trick since you have to re-link cameras or animate nulls to cameras often to make sure the depth perception for the parrallax works.

Colour tests of the rendering pipeline

On another note, I also was requested to make some song art and album art - so I started working cameras and models to make sure the final style is close to final frames. I also started experimenting with the grease pencil lineart modifier to define edges - and use them baekd for performance. I will definately be using this technique on the main characters for legibility, but not on the world.

Testing the new canvas and lineart strokes with the painterly

So with the new lineart, the new character and the modeling techniques - I'm starting to make the world come alive. I also started freezing Geometry Nodes assets - because doing layout with them live has proven to be very heavy on my machine - best to work with frozen assets from the asset library. So.. I had a blas this week on the project, lot's of little detail and lots of progress on multiple fronts.

Other Projects

This week had me focus mostly on the painterly, but I did do a Blender Royale Project and another Q&A&Critique session - each happening on Monday and Thursday. I'm good at holding these - and I'm keeping the chain, but I'm not sure where to take them.  

The Blender Royale -Numero 75 - Prompt: Micromachine

The "Micromachine"

This theme was extremely fun to do! I decided to quickly made a sculpt of a mite, then modeled and displaecd some micro details, manually placed some dust particles, and made a microscopic fresnel material with some lighting - all in under an hour. Was really fun. I then took a few more shots. I do these Blender Royale pieces in Erindale.xyz discord server. We have about 45 minutes to 50 minutes to make a piece live with a number of other players. I have decided to start pushing these as downloads for patrons.

See more here on Artstation

Download from Patreon here

Q&A&Critique 36

This had a good portfolio review with guest question by Jaybah. We talked of the following:

  • Open Question and Answer: "What do you need to show in a portfolio to be hired?" Some quick tips from the perspective of an employer  
  • Question and Answer: Can you denoise just one object?
  • Question and Answer: how to add a reflective "reflection" on glass like you see in product shots (ei, mix Eeevee with Cycles)
  • Exploratory Topic: Introdution to the Animation Principles.

It was a very packed session. I'm getting proud of these, working hard every week to deliver these panels.


In general, it was a productive week - so though I have high expectations, I'm still squeezing a lot of juice from every hour I sit at the computer - and my weekly progress is strong. Let's keep it up.

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