Blog - Sunny Rain vs Shower Door

January 13, 2022
Working a "Sunny Rain" effect instead of the "Shower Door" effect.

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Instead of doing my post processing directly in screenspace on a camera lens (composited) - I can do it like rain, directly in 3D space, and with that added depth of field for the painterly.

(technical) Update:

  • Animation has been decoupled, now it can be animated, per object, and all in the same shader
  • I tried to optimize a little, but to not much improvement, so will just work as is, pro is previews and final renders will be quick.
  • Animation on brush strokes are lot more organic now, and with the speed control, I can make it move how-ever I want
  • The "Sun Rain" effect is working, I have DOF now, and a basis to improve the particles
  • The pre-processor has been stripped back to accomodate the 3D effect.

Now I need to work on formalizing the technique, fixing the post-processor a little, and finishing up the rest - then get to layout, character design, animation and rendering (and lighting!) Still a lot to do and the pressure is on.

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