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December 15, 2021
Been using Geometry nodes to make some tools to make the city in the style that I want. It has been slow progress, but steady.

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Organizing my trees with Noodler

Been using Geometry  nodes to make some tools to make the city in the style that I want. It has been slow progress, but I know the time invested will save time once the entire city comes to life.

This particular bridge is about.. using scattering a long a curve with some randomization, nice and simple. I find coloring and labeling my trees very useful to learn and know what's happening, and also.. maybe it makes the files a bit more future proof. Maybe I will share these things with Bforartists one day, as some pre-built systems.

Optiomized shaders! Works much nicer now.

I also worked hard to optimize the shader, improve the specularity, the shadow (no connected to the edge) and the compile time. I also fixed a massive bug that was glitching out, even on older version. Now compile times are around a minute.

I also had to work on linking and organizing my latest assets to libraries so that I have a central place for everything. Now the production of the layout and cameras for the first test shots and animation can begin.

I wanted to do another sprint today, but I've already hit 12.5 hours today just pushing through a traffic system and this procedural highway road system with "AI assisted construciton"... which I would assume to be much more organic than man made structures. The bridge here is just one curve I can draw anywhere - with all the parameters built in. Imagine doing this by hand!!!!!

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