Blender Royale - Numero 85 - Remote Control

April 25, 2022
A some musings about my current state of affairs, plans and projects.

Weekly Sprint Stats:

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Made this in 50 minutes, with render and materials. A fun little exercise. I need a remote like this.

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Bonus Musings:

Lately I have been missing out on my weekly updates, it is now Week 16 and have published only 6 weeks of this year. I am very behind. I could not develop the habit - but as they say.. I cannot beat myself up about this. I have to try again and start up a new chain. If I can continue with the habit, it will stick. I have to celebrate doing this again soon.

On another note, here is roughly where I'm at:

  • Have become a core developer/co-owner of Bforartists. With Iyads help we will be taking on the weekly merges most of the time.
  • Taking a course of Python
  • Taking the course of merging Bforartists too. I have done my first successful merge, which was a test
  • Got offered a professor role in a university, but it won't be confirmed till later. Likely hood of the course is about 50%.
  • Nearing a first release of the Painterly project music vidoes, as loops. We have decided to also push the music videos in a more transmedia kind of way to generate following and interaction.
  • Been thinking a lot about how to activate my patreon, financial model and what to offer the community
  • Have given notice to the end of the QnA's - only to open doors to the Bforartists community. When we hit 50, this will become something else in the Bforartists community
  • Have started planning a more ambitious drive for Trinumedia to make it more economical and sustainable, and also help more people while doing it

I have a lot to think about, so I should get back to the weekly updates. I have a lot to learn too - but the more concious of where I have come and where I want to go can help me seize the present and make this project work.

Thanks for reading!

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