Bforartists 4.0.2 Official Release

December 12, 2023
Get ready for Bforartists 4.0.2! 🎨 Packed with new and improved stability 💥 Download and use today.

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Bforartists4 version 4.0.2 is a stability maintenance release


This version has an additional 23 tasks and bug fixes with everything from Blender4.0.2 and 4.1.0 development with an additional core 41 bug fixes.


Downloads are located in the links below: Per usual they can also be found in thedownload section of the official website:


📥Download Free


📝 ReleaseNotes


🧰 SourceCode


Splashscreenis kindly provided by Khamurai.


Thanks again for all your art, work and support! And a very special thank you to thedevelopers maintaining this.


Draise,Reiner, Iyad, Blenux, Sean, Shaley and the rest of the team

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