Be With Artists is back

March 28, 2024
New event with Episode 103 about Bforaritsts 4.1.0 and Splashscreen Winners

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It has come to me that a new release of Bforaritsts 4.1.0 and the new Splashscreen winners is a perfect way to start the Be With Artists event again. I don't think I will be regular with them, but I will do them when I can and when I want to! Differing times, new formats, maybe even shorter and more regular every now and then - the idea is to work it again. This one coming this weekend on Saturday the 30th of March will be about the new release I'm currently coding very hard right now to do - and start also working the socials of Bforartists and Trinumedia.

I admit, I still don't really know what I'm doing with live events and growing the software and art community around Bforaritsts, but I want to get back into it. There is so many things to materialize to make the dream! But the important thing is getting the content and software out there - and to do that is to celebrate the next release as much as I can. Life is very short, and the contestants have played an excellent game!

I guess this release marks a new eclipse for a new moment in life to try teach again, to try give customer support, to share with and grow the community, to also help me talk things through and share progress on how life and work is growing with my career. I have a lot to share... and I want to put myself out there to do it. Let's do this together. I can't wait to see you there!

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