Announcement - The Be With Artists 103 will happen Friday 10th of November

October 16, 2023
It's official, we are going to the #BCON2023!! and the Be With Artists episode is postponed.

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It's official, we are going to the #BCON2023 !! And we will be presenting "Bforartists - Forking for a custom GUI". While the rest of us prepare for Blender 4.0 in Novby merging and working weekly - one of us will be there in Amsterdam. See you on the 27th of October! This month till the first week of November, I'll be busy going to the Blender Conference 2023 to present Bforartists (and something else special), meaning there won't be any live events this month. But come the 10th of November we shall celebrate something new! 🥰

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