Announcement - Bforartists 4.0.0 Splashscreen Competition Started!

November 8, 2023
A new release is coming up, and you could win by submitting the best splashscreen!

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It is that time of year where Bforartists 4.0.0 is about to release, and we need you to create a Splashscreen!

Create a splashscreen with your art in Bforartists or Blender to win prizes. The best splashscreen will be picked for the next official release of Bforartists 4.0.0. You can work with any topic, as long as you have a 16:9 format with room for the logo at the top left corner of the image and a small area to add an image credit.

Best originality and composition wins!

Not only are there addons to win, but you could be featured as the official splashscreen of Bforartists 3.6.0, the next release of a GUi focused Blender fork. This opensource and free software gets up to 15,000 downloads per month!

Your art could go here!

First prize becomes a Splashscreen and be in to win Instant Imposters with 1st place!

An EEVEE addon toolkit to create high fidelity proxy meshes for more detail for less processing power.

Prize Link

Starts 08th of November 2023 : Ends 13th of November

Submit your piece on Discord before 2000hr UTC
*Terms and Requirements apply

For more information, check the page here.

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