Event Recap - Q&A&Critique 43

This weekly QnA was about a VSE walkthrough to help you do "Animatics" with Blender/Bforartists.
March 25, 2022

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Today was a about the Animatic process from script writing with the Fountain syntax/markup to unfurling to a video, to then using the Asset Browser with collection instances to setup animatics and quick Grease Pencil orientation to start storyboarding in layout directly. Also this isquick intro to using the grid aligned to 3D Cursor and view for the Grease Pencil. I also cover information about two addons that help work with managing scenes and master edits with the Video Sequence Editor in Blender and Bforaritsts. Later in the last 20 minutes, we had Shmuel showcase his curve node groups with Geometry Nodes which are now available for free in Erindales Discord Server and Gumroad.

Topics for today:

  • - Why Animatics
  • - How to use the experimental Asset Manager for collections and the GP to work Animatics
  • - How to use Scene Management and VSE addons for Animatics

Tandem Exploration:

  • - Animatic Work, setting up cameras and layout proposals

The VSE Addons for Animatics

VSE Scene Strip Tools

Fountain Unfurling (Minimal)

Alternative VSE Scene Tools:

Alternative Fountain addons:

Curve Geometry Nodes by Shmuel



Discord VC "Work Arena" in Erindale.xyz: https://discord.gg/nHBCPurb5C

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Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/andresstephens

Every Thursday we meet in the #q-n-a-n-critique channel and the voice chat in "Work Arena" at 1800 UTC  in Erindale.xyz Discord server to talk about a number of questions, explore topics together and find answers.

Feel free to join to answer, ask questions, share topics, or upload your art or products to review  for the session of today or the future!

Time: 1800 UTC Thursday


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