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Meet me, Andres Stephens, the mind behind a self-sustainable freelance studio.

I have worked as a Technical Director and 3D Generalist based principally in Bogota, Colombia in the industry for the past 10 years producing linear content like short films, product showcases, motion graphics, infographics, children's television series and pilots, including production and game assets and more for various clients locally and around the world.

During this experience, I've had the opportunity to hire and work with small teams to elaborate entire projects from an original idea to final products.

We also use and sponsor UX and UI development for Bforartists, a fork of Blender. The studio pipeline was based on Softimage, but now includes using opensource software like Blender, Krita and Inkscape and rasterization rendering techniques with Unreal Engine to produce quality content with low-overhead costs and creative flexibility.

I am bilingual: fluent in Spanish and English, and I like to work together with local talent to scale productivity with one consistent artistic portfolio and hands-free management for our clients. I am a champion of open workflows, supporting other artist and working on having fun while being creative and efficient.

We generally work remotely - but we organize ourselves through Discord and I use an Agile focused production system systems with measured and tracked activity for 100% productivity - and in studio we're friendly team players whom love to share and teach techniques openly and learn quickly. I love working with and helping others.

With all that said, we specialize in children's television and similar animation styles, with story, animatics, layout, blocking, character design, character animation and environment design - and my preference is in lookdev and storytelling.

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Come visit the studio on Discord or read our yearly performance audit below (2020 and 2021):


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